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      Animal-style cheeseburgers with 2 sides of fries, one of which is animal-styleLos Angeles County is where the first cheesburger was grilled, in the 1920s, and where the first drive-thru burger stand—an In-N-Out Burger—opened in 1948.

      Since then, In-N-Out has grown into a chain with 300+ locations and an army of zealouts who herald it the best burger place in all the land.

      A fan-favorite is the Animal-Style Cheeseburger, an off-menu item that boasts a mustard-grilled beef patty (or patties!) topped with fresh lettuce and tomato, pickles, grilled onions, melted American cheese and a special sauce, all on a fresh-baked bun.

      In-N-Out near LAX

      This location is a popular pit stop to/fro LAX (airport).

      It’s often crazy crowded, but the seating area overlooks a runway, so you can watch planes landing whilst wolfing down your burger!



      View a map of other In-N-Out locations throughout California.


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