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      Team YOLO !

      A portion of the "Naya Bihana (A New Dawn for Nepal) mural in San Francisco's Balmy AlleyThere is almost nary a vertical surface in this alley that does not have a speck of paint on it.

      Mural after mural lines the walls, garages, fences and even the potted plants of this infamous alley, where, since the 1970s, muralists from near and afar have been celebrating the family life and cultural traditions of the neighborhood’s residents.

      And, like Diego Rivera before them, have been fearlessly shedding a light on moral, economic and political injustices both within the City by the Bay and without.

      Classic Mission Mural Walk

      Join the Precita Eyes Muralists Association on a 2-hour guided tour of the alley and the surrounding area, wherein you will see 90+ murals spanning 4 decades, by artists including Laura Campos, Siron Norris and Lucia Ippolito.

      Plus, there is a good chance that you will have a local muralist as your tour guide!

      Tickets $20; purchasable online

      Sat & Sun, 1:30pm

      (415) 285-2287

      BART: 24th St Mission, plus 4 block walk; Muni Rail: Church St & 24th St (J), plus 9 block walk

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