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      Team YOLO !

      Tourists taking photos on the Golden Gate Bridge's pedestrian pathAs you walk along the Golden Gate Bridge, you will be suspended 200+ feet (61+ m) above the ocean with 6 lanes of cars whizzing past you at 45 mph (72 kph).

      And seeing how it is a suspension bridge, there is a fair chance you will feel it swaying from side-to-side at some point.

      If such a trifecta of phobias does not give you pause, then you are in for a treat as you traverse all or a portion of this bridge of sighs, which spans 1.7 miles (2.7 km) from end to end.

      When & Where to Walk

      Pedestrians are only allowed on the Bridge’s east sidewalk, which faces the city of San Francisco.

      Each end of the pedestrian walkway is gated; the gates auto-open at 5am and auto-lock at 6:30pm (Nov-Mar); 9pm (Mar-Oct).

      North End: free 4-hour parking on the north end of the Bridge (in Sausalito, across the bay from San Francisco).

      South End: parking is $0.25 per 15 minute and extremely limited (just 26 spots) in the Bridge’s Welcome Center parking lot (on the San Francisco side of the bridge; see map below).

      Hop on the free PresidiGo shuttle via stops in downtown San Francisco, then transfer to PresidiGo’s Crissy Field shuttle, which will take you to the Bridge’s Welcome Center, which connects to the pedestrian walkway. OR you can use the 511 Transit Planner to find the best bus route from your starting destination.

      Join a Guided Tour

      San Francisco City Guides offers a free walking tour of the Bridge twice weekly:

      Sun & Thur, 11am

      Tour begins in front of the Strauss statue in the visitor plaza by the Golden Gate Welcome Center (on the San Francisco side of the Bridge).


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