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      Team YOLO !

      Two plates with a Hangtown fry omelet, a bisuit and a bowl of gritsLike the Martini, the Hangtown Fry was born of the largesse of the California Gold Rush.

      It originated in 1849, in the northeast California settlement of Hangtown (later re-named Placerville… for obvious reasons), when a newly-rich gold miner walked into a saloon and asked for “the most expensive things you’ve got in the kitchen, ‘cus I can afford it.”

      That ended up being eggs, bacon and oysters, which were all delicacies in those parts at the time.

      Nowadays, the best place to start your day with a Hangtown fry is in San Francisco, where you can enjoy your very own decadent egg scramble of bacon and breaded oysters.

      Brenda’s French Soul Food

      Brenda’s is a New Orleans-inspired restaurant that pays homage to California’s culinary heritage by serving up a delicious Hangtown fry with a side of biscuit and grits, every morning.


      Mon-Tue, 8am-3pm
      Wed-Sat, 8am-10pm
      Sun, 8am-8pm

      (415) 345-8100

      Metro Rail: Market St & Hyde St (F), plus 5 block walk


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