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      Team YOLO !

      A bowl with two whole Hass avocados and one avocado cut in halfCalifornia does not have an official state fruit, but if it did, it would likely be the Hass avocado (like its soulmate, tomato, avocado is very much a fruit).

      All the world’s Hass avocados can trace their roots back to a seedling planted on a LA County hobby orchard in 1926.

      Today, 90 percent of the avocados grown in the U.S. are of the Hass variety, and the vast majority of them are harvested in SoCal (San Diego County is the ‘Avocado Capital of the World’).

      Because avocados are so plentiful here, Southern Californians put it in or on pretty much everything—burgers, salads, pizzas, omelets, sushi, sandwiches, cakes, and, of course, guacamole.

      So do as the locals do… stop by a Certified Farmers Market and get some farm fresh avocados to add to your next meal.


      Guacamole in a mocajeteWhenever I’m roadtripping in California, this is often my go-to meal after a long hike, drive or day of sightseeing. It’s hearty and delicious; quick ‘n easy to make; and calls for just a handful of ingredients that all travel quite well.

      Get the recipe!


      Hass Avocado Board; Valerie Hinojosa

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