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      Team YOLO !

      The California Insider Forum is a repository of Insider Tips and recommendations on the best and most noteworthy things to see and do in Cali — as determined by intrepid travellers like yourself.

      The Forum is organized by geographic location (Lake Tahoe, Hollywood Sign, etc.) and then by type of experience or service (dining, entertainment, sightseeing, loding, camping, etc.).

      Adding a New Insider Tip

      If you’ve encountered a place, restaurant, hotel, etc., that you think is great and something other travellers should check out, add it to the Forum!

      • Determine which Must-See-Do destination it is closest to and which category type it best aligns with (dining, sightseeing, etc.).
      • Then, on a Must-See-Do’s category page (e.g., Getty Museum – Dining), tap on the “Reply” button beneath the page title; or scroll to the bottom of the page to a group of text boxes wherein you can add and submit your Insider Tip.

      Screenshot of the text fields for adding a new Insider Tip to the Forum

      • Try to provide as much detail as possible — street address, hours, price range, parking, website URL, etc. — so a fellow member can quickly get the info they need.

      Adding a Recommendation to an Existing Tip

      • Scroll to the bottom of its page to a text box wherein you can enter your recommendation or FYI; then click or tap the Submit button.

      Thanks for Paying It Forward 🙂

      Thanks for helping us make California Insider a place where travelers the world over can quickly and easily plan the perfect adventure or getaway in America’s Dreamiest State!

      What NOT to Post

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