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      Team YOLO !

      Overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and the city of San Francisco from the Marin HeadlandsThere are a number of scenic viewpoints along both ends of the Golden Gate Bridge, yet, the Grand Poobah of them all is Hawk Hill, which soars 920 feet (280 m) above the bay in the Marin headlands.

      On a clear day, Hawk Hill boasts a panoramic view of the Bridge against a glorious backdrop of the City by the Bay and beyond.

      The hill is also an important nature preserve for 19 species of migrating hawks, eagles and falcons that stopover here during the fall (Sept-Nov) and are quite the sight to see on a clear morning when they take to the skies.

      Conzelman Road, which leads up to Hawk Hill, is so dotted with breathtaking vistas that, if driving, you are going to want to stop at several roadside pullouts for photos and gasps of awe, especially on the way back down the hill.

      Metro Bus: Take 76x bus to the Conzelman Rd & Mccullough Rd stop (bus runs Sat-Sun only), plus 0.7 mi (1 km) walk uphill

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