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      Team YOLO !

      Avila Adobe on the left, and shop stalls on the right along a red-brick lane in Olvera StreetJoin a guided tour along the cobblestone walkways of Olvera Street, the oldest neighborhood in Los Angeles, which was founded in 1781 by eleven families of largely African and Amerindian descent.

      Afterwards, you can visit six free museums including Avila Adobe, the oldest home in the city, built in 1818; and America Tropical (1932), David Siqueiros’s groundbreaking mural that gave rise to the Mural Capital of the World.

      50-minute walking tour: Tue-Sat at 10am, 11am & noon, begins at the Tour Office located next to the Old Plaza Firehouse (see map below)

      Avila Adobe: 9am-4pm; 10 Olvera St

      America Tropical Mural: Tue-Sun, 10am-3pm; the mural viewing platform is at a distance, so bring binoculars; 125 Paseo De La Plaza

      Parking $8 at Union Station (see below)

      Metro Rail: Union Station (gold, red)


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