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      Team YOLO !

      A man surfing with a massive wave behind himWatch the world’s best big wave surfers conquering massive waves—upwards of 60 ft (18 m)—at this annual competition that is held when waves and weather are at peak conditions… sometime between November and March.


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      Team YOLO !
      Tips on Getting to the Event

      Expect heavy traffic.

      Your best bet is to park at one of the State Parks (e.g., Half Moon Bay) along Highway 1 and walk or bike along the coastal trail.

      Spectacular ocean views and access to the local restaurants and businesses make the coastal trail a great way to enjoy the area.

      Businesses at Pillar Point Harbor will be open, and there will be a bike valet to help secure your bicycles. Several local restaurants and bars will be airing the contest live.

      The streets into Princeton and near Mavericks will be open to local residents only. Due to high surf and cliff erosion, there are no contest viewing areas for the public.

      For those wanting to get up close to the action, there are several boat charters not affiliated with Titans of Mavericks selling spaces for morning and afternoon trips.

      Source: Titans of Mavericks

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