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      Team YOLO !

      Tor House and Hawk Tower with a lovely garden and the ocean in the backgroundVisit the beloved and humble seaside estate of the Great American poet, Robinson Jeffers.

      In 1918, Jeffers apprenticed under a stonemason he had hired to build his family home, Tor House. Afterwards, he spent four years building the adjacent Hawk Tower solo and by hand, as a retreat for his wife and twin sons.

      Embark on a 1-hour guided tour of the cottage, tower, gardens and sea views that inspired Robinson Jeffers’s greatest works…

      And where the Jeffers entertained other legendary artists including Langston Hughes, Ansel Adams, George Gershwin, Charlie Chaplin and Sinclair Lewis.

      Admission $10, reservations must be made in advance, either online or by phone, (844) 285-0244

      Tours begin on the hour, Fri-Sat, 10am-3pm

      (831) 624-1813

      Visit Website

      Photography is not allowed during tours.

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