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      Team YOLO !

      Panoramic view of the city of San Francisco from atop Twin PeaksTake in jaw-dropping views of San Francisco on its second highest peak, or rather a pair of peaks that rise 922 feet (282 m) above the bay.

      Most visitors drive or hike up to the north peak, aptly named Eureka Peak, whereupon you can relish 180-degree postcard views on a clear day.

      The peaks are a nature preserve, home to a variety of flora including lupine, lizard tail and pearly everlasting; and fauna including rabbits, coyotes, white-crowned sparrows and the endangered Mission Blue Butterfly, which is native to the Bay Area.


      The peaks are known to boast high winds, so bring a jacket.

      You should refrain from feeding or leaving food for the coyotes that live in the area. Keeping dogs on leash is strongly recommended.

      Metro Rail: Castro (K,L,M,T) or Forest Hill (K,L,M,T), plus 1.4 mi (2.3 km) hike uphill

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