• December 24, 2016 at 4:54 am #2059
      Team YOLO !

      Unlike TripAdvisor, this is NOT the place to leave a negative review or to complain about a place of interest, restaurant, hotel, retail store, tour operator or the like.

      Places like that just won’t make the cut for placement on this Forum.

      If you have a terrible experience at a place or business that’s recommended herein, definitely let us know.

      We have a low threshold for traveller dissatisfaction, and if that threshold is met, we will remove a lackluster recommenation from this Forum altogether.

      That way, you can peruse the Forum without having to weed through dozens of negative reviews (which is a major time suck).

      And you can have greater confidence that if something is in this Forum, it has been recommended by an intrepid traveler like yourself and will likely be an enjoyable and worthwhile experience for you and yours.

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