A young Hunter S. Thompson, shirtless and creatively inspired in Big Sur, California (c. 1961)

Writer’s Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in being a The YOLO Guide to Travel contributor.

We are on a mission to make travel planning and exploring a quicker, easier and more zen experience. Our articles are distributed globally on Apple News and Google News.

Below are the types of travel articles and stories we are looking for. If your idea or completed piece fits the mold and you’d like to pitch it, reach out to us via our Contact Form (select Pitch an Article).

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Things You Should Know Before You Visit XYZ

3 to 5 insider tips + advice for tourists and business travellers that will help them have a more awesome, relaxing and memorable time in a particular city (or subregion).

This should be a destination where you live, have lived or have travelled to in recent years.


How to Do XYZ

3 to 5 tips or steps on HOW to do an aspect of travel.

These articles are targeted to novice and intermediate travellers. Yet, they also serve as a helpful refresher for seasoned travellers as well.


Cool Ideas

Narrative articles that reveal interesting ways in which a reader can have a more awesome and unforgettable experience during their travels.

Ideally, the idea(s) should be inspired by your own travel experiences.

Yet, if you know a subject who has a cool tip or idea worth sharing, we’d be game for you to profile them instead.



Narrative, first-person travel stories via which you can share memorable aspects of a trip, tapping in to what makes a destination so unique and worth experiencing (i.e., YOLO-worthy).

A reader should feel like they’re there experiencing it with you.

Ideally, it should read like a work of fiction with descriptive language, inner musings, dialogue, mood, etc. — except it’s a true story!

It could highlight people you meet, quirky encounters, interesting cultural or historical facts, etc. And, if possible, it should include photos you took during your trip.


Photo Essay

A photo essay of pictures you took during a past or recent trip anywhere in the world, with a narrative description accompanying each photo.

The photos should be wanderlust-inducing (i.e., make a reader really want to go there!). They should also be varied – offering different slices of life n’ landscape that a reader will find enlightening and inspiring.

The narrative description should go beyond just saying what’s going on in the photo. It should provide a sense of place, drawing upon sensory descriptors as you share interesting facts, fun anecdotes and/or helpful tips for those who journey there in your wake.

Note: Photos don’t have to be National Geographic-quality! We will polish them via the magic of Photoshop, if need be. However, when possible, you should try take to them with a quality camera.


Short Story

We are open to considering well-written short stories that have a travel, adventure or exploration bent to them.

We’re open to different types of genres except for space-travelling sci-fi (the story should take place on Earth and in this dimension!).

We’re also open to stories that take place in the past. Ideally, they should be grounded in historical accuracy.

Overall, your short story should inspire a reader to travel to and/or learn more about a particular destination, period in human exploration; or type of travel experience.