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      Team YOLO !

      Alcatraz as seen from the waterDuring a visit to this once most maximum of federal prisons, built on an isle in the bay, take the guided 1-hour ‘Escape’ tour to learn about the escape attempts of 36 inmates from 1933-1963, three of whom may or may not have gotten away scot-free…

      Tickets $30 to sail to Alcatraz, purchasable online 1 month in advance from Alcatraz Cruises ONLY (they’re the only official seller and operator of cruises to Alcatraz Island).

      Guided tours are free; tour themes and times are posted day-of at the Alcatraz landing dock


      (415) 981-7625

      Parking $15+ at 80 Francisco St

      Metro Rail: The Embarcadero & Bay St (F)

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