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      Limekiln FallsThe moment you step foot in Limekiln State Park, you will hark the melodious sound of a creek flowing through a forest of redwoods, sycamores, oaks and maples; then across a rocky shore before cascading into the deep blue sea.

      The park boasts 3 lovely and easy trails that each meander along creek beds with creek crossings here and there. Start with the Hare Creek Trail (0.6 mi | 1 km roundtrip) that meanders along a melodic creek towards a grove of some of largest and oldest coastal redwood trees in the area.

      Next, embark on the Limekiln Trail (1 mile | 1.6 km roundtrip), which will take you to 4 stone kilns, built in the 1880s, where limestone from nearby quarries was melted down before being shipped off to cities to the north for use in concrete.

      Then double back to where creek splits and follow its eastern fork to Limekiln Falls, a 100-foot (30 m) waterfall dancing down a limestone rockface.

      Trailheads are accessible from the day use parking lot.

      Day use parking $8 (8am-sunset); the entry gate locks at sunset with no vehicle entry or exit till morning

      Tent/RV camping on the beach or by a creek $35, reservable online 7 months in advance

      (805) 434-1996

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