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      Team YOLO !

      An LA Clippers player dribbling the ball on the court during a gameLos Angeles is the only city in the U.S. that boasts two professonal men’s basketball teams: the Lakers and the Clippers.

      The Clippers settled in LA in 1984 and, for decades, they wallowed unnoticed beneath their older brother’s illustrious shadow. For the Lakers have been the hometown team since 1960 and are the second most titled team in the league, with 16 national championships.

      But in recent years, the Clippers have been experiencing a renaissance and role reversal straight out of a fairy tale. Where once the Lakers commanded sold out games, the Clippers are now the more coveted ticket in town.

      Tickets $12-$1,500+ via AXS.com, Ticketmaster.com, StubHub.com and Goldstar.com

      Games held October thru Apri, showtimes are normally early afternoon or early evening

      Beat the traffic by arriving and parking early. You can savor a pre-game meal at one of the 20+ restaurants at the adjacent L.A. Live entertainment complex. On game nights, restaurant wait times can be upwards of 90 minutes, so advanced reservations are strongly recommended.

      (213) 742-7340

      Parking $10-$35+; lots generally open 90 minutes before game time. You can purchase pre-paid parking passes online in advance. Valet parking also available. View a parking map.

      Metro Rail: Pico (blue, Expo line), plus 2 block walk

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      Team YOLO !

      The closer you are to the court, the more visceral your experience will be: from hearing the squeaks of the players’ sneakers; to tracking the deeply furrowed lines of their coaches’ brows.

      It is also ideal to sit in a mid-court section – whether you are courtside or in the nosebleeds – as you will benefit from an unobstructed view of the full basketball court.

      Since you will probably refrain from splurging $1,500+ to sit courtside next to diehard Clippers fan, actor Billy Crystal, I suggest buying seats in one of the following sections:

      100 LEVEL, MID-COURT

      You will be able to watch the full action on the court and be close enough to see the sweat on players’ brows. These seats can range from $200 to $1000+.

      The best sections are 101 and 111. Or, if you want to face the Clippers bench, section 102.


      These 200-level seats are more affordable and come with a number of sweet amenities including wider seats with more leg room, a private entrance, in-seat food and beverage service and exclusive access to a $40 buffet before or during the game (reservations recommended).

      The price can range from $80 to $600+. The best sections are 5 and 14.

      Check out the view from each section

      Staples Center seating chart for Clippers games

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      Team YOLO !

      Any time you can see the Clippers in action is a good bet!

      Pre-season games are held in October, followed by the regular season that runs from late October to mid-April.

      Tickets are usually available for pre-season games starting in mid-June and for regular season games in late July. View scheduled dates.

      If the Clippers has a great season, then it will advance to the national playoffs, which run mid-April thru May. This is undoubtedly the best time to attend a game, as you can see the Clippers square off against the best of the best in the league. Granted, ticket prices will be high, but worth it.

      And if, with bated breath, the Clippers survive the playoffs, then it will advance to a 7-game championship series, which is held in June.

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