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      The underbelly of the Golden Gate Bridge as viewed from Fort PointFor a unique perspective of the bridge, unbeknownst to most travelers, visit Fort Point, a defunct military post built in the 1850s that garrisoned U.S. troops during the American Civil War (1861-1865) and later during World War II (1942-1944).

      Though nary a cannon was ever fired here in the heat of battle, the fort stands as a testament to Civil War-era military masonry, as it is the only brick fort on America’s West Coast.

      In fact, it was because of the fort’s fine brick and granite masonry that, in the 1930s, instead of tearing down the then-dilapidated fort to make way for the Golden Gate Bridge, the chief engineer added an extra arch to the bridge’s southern anchor so Fort Point could be “preserved and restored as a national monument.”

      During a ranger-led tour of this storied fort, you will gain insight into what life was like for soldiers stationed here in the 1800s—from their uniforms; to their sleeping quarters; to the stalwart canons they had to load with gunfire during daily artillery drills.

      You will also be able to ascend a spiral staircase to get an incredibly close-up view of the bridge’s geometric undercarriage, in tandem with awesome views of the San Francisco Bay.


      Fri-Sun, 10am-5pm

      30-minute Ranger Tour at 11am, generally; 30-minute canon loading demonstration at noon (12pm), generally.

      On Saturdays, November thru February, you can go on an evening Candlelight Tour of the fort; advanced online reservations are required and they sell out lightning fast. I highly suggest trying to reserve a spot (for up to 6 people) in the annual lottery starting in early October.

      Limited free parking is available right by the fort.

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