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      A portion of one of the murals in the Rincon Annex in San FranciscoGaze upon 27 murals that were so controversial, they were put on trial before the U.S. Congress in Washington, D.C during the 1950s.

      In 1941, Russian immigrant Anton Refregier won a government commission to paint a series of San Francisco-themed murals in the L-shaped lobby of the city’s newest federal post office.

      At the time, this was largest mural commission awarded by the U.S. government, for Refregier was tasked with covering a daunting, blank canvas measuring 400 feet long (121.9 m) and 6.75 feet (2 m) high.

      Off and on, from 1941 to 1948 (due to the volatility of World War II), Refregier painted scenes in each mural depicting the history of California…

      But not the rose-colored history the government and many locals were expecting. Instead, in his murals were a series of conflicts—from the laborious tasks foisted upon Native Americans by Spanish missionaries in the 1700s; to assaults on Chinese railroad laborers in the 1800s; to maritime labor strikes in the 1900s.

      Thankfully, Refreiger’s awesome murals survived Congressional scrutiny during America’s Red Scare era and they are now protected and treasured on the National Register of Historic Places.

      Free guided tours of the murals are offered twice monthly on a Monday at 10am and a Saturday at 1pm. View tour schedule. You can also visit the murals on your own time.

      Metro Rail: BART / Embarcadero Station (J,KT,L,M,N), plus 2 block walk

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      The murals are titled as follows:

      1. A California Indian Creates
      2. Indians by the GoldenGate
      3. Sir Francis Drake
      4. Conquistadores Discover the Pacific
      5. Monks Building the Missions
      6. Preaching and Farming at MissionDolores
      7. Fort Ross – Russian Trade Post
      8. Hardships of the Emigrant Trail
      9. An Early Newspaper Office
      10. Raising the Bear Flag
      11. Finding Gold at Butter’s Mill
      12. Miners Panning Gold
      13. Arrival by Ship
      14. Torchlight Parade
      15. Pioneers Receiving Mail
      16. Building the Railroad
      17. Vigilante Days
      18. Civil War Issues
      19- The Sand Lot Riots of 1870
      20. San Francisco as a CulturalCenter
      21. Earthquake and Fire of 1906
      22. Reconstruction After the Fire
      23- The Mooney Case
      24. The Waterfront 1934
      25. Building the Golden Gate Bridge
      26. Shipyards During the War
      27. War and Peace

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