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      Sourdough bread in the shape of a Teddy Bear with a bow tie!If you’ve never tasted sourdough bread, don’t be put off by the name. For sourdough has been savored for thousands of years, since the days of Ancient Egypt.

      French artisans brought the sourdough breadmaking tradition with them to the shores of San Francisco in the mid 1800s, where the bread took on a unique flavor that was distinct from all the sourdoughs that had come before—a distinction born of the local, wild yeast in the air that is the key ingredient in the starter dough for sourdough.

      No two regions’ wild yeast are alike; thus no two regions’ sourdoughs are alike.

      Additionally, preservation is a key component of the sourdough bread-making technique. Every day, local bakers preserve a portion of the day’s dough as a starter dough for the next day’s batch of bread. As a result, some bakeries boast a highly prized starter dough, or mother dough, infused with yeast that is over 100 years old.

      Which is why San Francisco is not only the best place to indulge in a sandwich, pizza or bread bowl of true San Francisco-style sourdough, but it is also a fantastic place to take a bite out of history!

      Boudin Bakery & Cafe

      Boudin is the oldest company in San Francisco (founded in 1849), and it are renowned for its sourdough bread, which they knead and bake fresh each day using a ‘mother dough’ dating back to 1849.


      Sun-Thu, 8am-9:30pm
      Fri-Sat, 8am-10pm

      (415) 928-1849

      Metro Rail: Jefferson St & Taylor St (E,F)

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