• April 30, 2017 at 6:12 am #4450
      Team YOLO !

      A young woman and man picking carrots at Suzie's FarmSusie’s is a 70-acre, certified organic family farm situated in San Diego, just a few minutes’ drive from the Mexican border. During a 90-minute walking tour of the farm, you will be able to pick your own seasonal vegetables while learning about their organic farming practices and techniques.

      And when the season is just ripe, you can also forage in verdant patches of super sweet Albion strawberries(Feb-Jun) for a delicious treat that will have you mumbling “yum,” in no time.

      Walking Tour
      $10 plus $10 per bag, reservable online
      Sat, departs 10am & 12:30pm

      (619) 662-1780


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